Coloring Mandalas For Fun - Volume 1

Coloring Mandalas For Fun – Volume 1

Coloring is an activity that can transport you to a relaxing and soothing place, a place that combines stress reduction and fun at the same time.

Taking the time to color is like taking a breath for oneself, planning for a relaxing moment, made of calm, quietness, fun, and joy, a window out of time of your day.

Coloring Mandalas For Fun – Volume 1, the mandalas of this book are derived from drawings, which can be figurative or abstract. You will find within some complex mandalas and others much simpler. Select the one that best suits your current mood, taking into consideration your desires and the time available to you.

Each of the Mandalas is printed on a single side of the page (the reverse side is blank) to prevent indentations and ink bleed.

Search for harmony inside you and your coloring by choosing the colors corresponding to your current mood.

Depending upon your feelings at this precise moment, you shall focus on the global harmony of the drawing or on each patterned element separately.

It's a moment for you; enjoy and have fun as much as possible.

Here's a sneak peek at the Mandalas inside