The books “Coloring Zendalas For Fun” are a serie of coloring books for adult.

The Zendalas of this serie are derived from drawings, which can be figurative or abstract.

You will find within these books some complex Zendalas and others much simpler. Select the one that best suits your current mood, taking into consideration your desires and the time available to you.

The Coloring Zendalas For Fun provides hours of coloring fun and peaceful relaxation as well as a way to explore your creativity!

Coloring is a moment for you; enjoy it as much as possible.

Mandala, Doodle, Tangle, Zendala ?

“Mandala” is a Sanskrit term standing for circle, and by extension a sphere, the environment, the universe. Buddhism utilizes mandala as a tool to ease meditation.

“Doodle” and “Tangle” are simple drawings or patterns that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be abstract shapes.

“Zendala” is a mix of Mandala, Doodle and Tangle.

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