100 Hard Sudoku Puzzles to take everywhere with you (Pocket Size – 4”x6”)!

Sudoku Pocket Size - Hard Level - Volume 1Sudoku Pocket Size - Hard Level - Volume 2Sudoku Pocket Size - Hard Level - Volume 3Sudoku Pocket Size - Hard Level - Volume 4Sudoku Pocket Size - Hard Level - Volume 5Sudoku Pocket Size - Hard Level - Volume 6

Take these Sudoku Puzzles Books with you evywhere! Thanks to this pocket size (6″ x 9″).

For the Sudoku's Fans, these 100 Sudoku puzzles are Hard Level… how long will it take to solve those puzzles?

Too easy for you? Try our Sudoku Puzzles Expert level!

A little bit too hard? Try our Sudoku Puzzles Medium level

Here's a sneak peek at the Sudoku Puzzles inside


Fill a Sudoku Puzzle, one of the best ways to relax or to spend time, where you can be with this book pocket size.

What’s in these books

  • 100 Sudoku puzzles
  • Hard Level
  • Pocket size (4”x6”) to bring with you everywhere
  • On each page: 1 Hard Sudoku Puzzle + the solution of a previous page
  • Very simple instructions

Sudoku is a logic game relaxing and educational at the same time.

A Sudoku Puzzle makes you work your memory, your logic, your reflection and your analytical skills at the same time of bringing a little piece of calm to your daily life.

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a copy that would allow you to take it with you where you go!